Spectacular 19th Century Oak Roll Top Desk by A. Petersen & Co. of Chicago

$ 8,500.00 $ 12,000.00
This phenomenal roll top desk was made by the A. Petersen & Co. of Chicago, IL some time in the early to mid-1890s. We discovered this desk in the maintenance room of the historic Humphrey Scottish Rite Center in downtown Milwaukee, WI, in need of repair but very complete. Desk has just undergone an intensive restoration resulting in the spectacular condition in which you now see it. Anton Petersen, the owner, and manager of A. Petersen & Co. was a Norwegian immigrant and his heritage shows in the highly detailed and masterfully sculpted relief carving that is found all over this desk. With its solid, quarter-sawn oak construction, fully dovetailed drawers, triple-raised panels, hand-carving, and grandiose scale, this desk is on a level of its own in terms of style and quality!


Length 64"
Depth 38"
Height 54"
Knee hole width 31"

Some history on A. Petersen & Co.:

The A. Petersen & Co., founded by Norwegian immigrant Anton Petersen, commenced business in 1879, manufacturing a line of desks and office furniture in rented quarters at the corner of Jackson and Clinton Streets, under the name of Skielvig, Petersen & Co., of which the associated partners were L. L. Skielvig and John Thompson. The business was conducted in this style for one year, when a new partner was taken in, a man by the name of John H. Mengis, and The Chicago Desk Mnfg. Co. was organizedwith L. L. Skielvig as president; John H. Mengis, secretary and treasurer; and A. Petersen as superintendent. The business was conducted under thie firm until 1884. A. Petersen then sold out his interest and moved to 15 to 21 Armour Street, and 456-460 Austin Avenue, a property containing nearly 17,000 feet of ground and 39,000 feet of floor space. There, the A. Petersen & Co. turned out a line of business furniture, including sixty styles of desks, twenty of library tables, and a long list of other specialties.

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