Industrial Ship Hatch Captain's Chair

$ 4,750.00
Re-Purposed Ship Hatch Chair

This custom-made piece started its life as an authentic US Naval scuttle hatch that was then re-imagined into a truly unique lounge chair. Hatch was cleaned, polished, and reconfigured into an ergonomic chair shape. A custom, nautically-inspired, wooden base was hand-crafted of reclaimed timber. The overall shape was inspired by 18th Century cannon carriages complete with antique steel wheels that actually enable this rather heavy chair to be moved with little effort. Custom-made, leather cushions complete the look and make this chair surprisingly comfortable.


  • Cleaned and polished hatch
  • Custom-made wooden base
  • Antique steel wheels
  • Brass cleats
  • Custom-made brown leather seat and back (24.5" & 13.5" Dia.)
  • Removable rope accent
  • Fantastic industrial-nautical design

A one-of-a-kind piece of functional art perfect for that nautically themed business and fit for a Captain

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