Spectacular 1950s Custom-Made Mid-Century Modern Aluminum Chandelier

$ 2,999.00 $ 4,500.00
Do you have a massive, poorly lit Mid-Century Modern mansion that's missing a certain je ne sais quoi? Well look no further than this sensational, custom-made 1950s chandelier! Chandelier is completely constructed from solid brushed aluminum with spun aluminum shades and white acrylic diffusers. Each of the six arms ends with one indirect lamp (diffused and reflected down by shade) and one direct light (recessed into the can base). When lit, the recessed light illuminates the perforated can creating a wonderful celestial effect. This fixture was removed with others from the 1950s commercial building for which they were designed. We have a total of four of these fixtures available (two with a 6 foot drop and two with a 5 foot drop). If you have the height, this chandelier would be the focal point of any Mid-Century foyer or interior space! 

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