Rare Vintage Industrial Steel Roll Top Desk by the Art Metal Construction Co.

$ 12,499.00 $ 19,999.00
This is an absolute stunner of a roll top! Manufactured by the Art Metal Construction Co. of Jamestown, NY around the turn of the century, this monumental desk is built like a battleship and features nearly as many bells & whistles!

Desk features:

- All-Steel and brass construction
- Roll Top with rare, swing-away sides (with key)
- Rare knee-hole safe (with key)
- Cast-brass hardware
- Stamped-steel mouldings
- Green, natural-linoleum desktop
- Beautifully preserved 35-drawer interior with original, faux-mahogany paint
- Brass Mail Slot (can act as mail slot or pass-through for electrical cords)
- (8) Cast-iron casters (very necessary, as this desk is 700+ pounds!)
- Monumental scale (65.5" Long, 39.5" Wide. 52" Tall) Kneehole: 32.5" x 26"

Desk was hand-stripped and lightly polished to showcase the raw steel exterior with its wonderful patinaed surface and tool marks. The original, faux-mahogany paint was preserved on the interior and perfectly complements the steel exterior and green desk top! We also paired the desk with a vintage Shaw-Walker desk chair featuring a brushed-metal frame, mahogany-stained wood, and distressed, green leather seat!

The sheer number of rivets, screws, castings and stampings necessary to create this one desk is truly mind-boggling! This is why we chose to expose the craftsmanship of the exterior, yet preserve the magnificent interior in respect for its originality. This is a truly unique example of Art Metal's top-of-the-line desk from an an era of industrial artistry we will never see again!

* Includes free delivery and set-up*

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