Monumental 50" Dia. Gothic Medieval Renaissance Revival Brass & Steel Chandelier

$ 13,499.00 $ 19,999.00

This Spectacular, custom-made chandelier is not only a work of art, but an astonishing piece of early 20th-Century American craftsmanship. Every part of this 500+ piece fixture is a solid piece steel, iron, glass or brass!

Chandelier features:

- 8-spoke forged Iron frame
- (8) Outward-facing, nickel-plated portholes (with curved amber glass windows)
- (8) Downward-facing, nickel-plated portholes (with amber glass windows)
- (8) Downward-facing lights with EC-200 "X-ray Reflectors"
- (8) Outward-facing lights EC-200 "X-ray Reflectors"
- (8) Downward-facing lights (in center)
- Cast-brass hanger
- Cast-brass crenellation
- (9) Steel chains
- (8) Cast-brass quatrefoil chain links
- (6) Gilded steel rope ornaments
- (17) Individual cast-brass leaf ornaments
- Royal Blue and crimson red painted accents
- New electrical wiring


Drop: 110" 

Diameter: 50"


The entire chandelier has been cleaned and polished piece-by-piece and all of the deteriorated cloth-wrapped wires have been replaced with new, modern wiring. Beautiful original patina!

This chandelier was originally installed in the famous Detroit Edison Service/ General Office Building auditorium in 1922. Designed by the distinguished Detroit architecture firm Smith Hinchman & Grylls, the Service building is a jewel of renaissance-revival architecture and has been a downtown Detroit landmark for nearly 100 years! With direction from the architect, the design and manufacture of these fantastic lights was completed by Luminaire Studios, the custom-design division of The National X-Ray Reflector Co. of Chicago. The National X-ray Reflector Co. (later the Curtis Lighting Co) was renowned for its line of highly-efficient glass 'reflector" shades and 'Eye Comfort" indirect lighting systems. The quality, and scale of this chandelier is absolutely exceptional and would make a striking addition to any Tudor, Gothic, or Renaissance-Revival interior. Old-world craftsmanship with modern-day electrics and fit for a medieval castle!

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